Brake tester meets regulations

6 August 2015 by Daniel Searle

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Bowmonk-Tapley has launched a DVSA-approved brake test kit for monitoring the brake performance of mobile cranes and HGVs.

The BrakeCheck kit records the overall braking efficiency and the percentage of braking imbalance, with options to print or download the results.

The tester is portable and battery-powered, enabling it to be used in workshops, MOT testing stations and on-site for plant vehicles, says the company.

The unit also detects if the vehicle is in the correct position to perform a brake test. The vehicle is then accelerated to 10-12mph before braking, allowing the tester to record peak and average deceleration and brake efficiency, any left or right pull, stopping distance, and test speed.

Hand brake: The brakes of mobile cranes can be tested with the latest kit from Bowmonk-Tapley.