Loxus Granéis Ltda, at the Port of Imbituba, and Vanzin Serviços Aduaneiros Ltda, at the Port of Rio Grande, have ordered one HMK 260 EG each. These Gottwald Generation 4 mobile harbour cranes will be used for handling different bulk materials.

HMK 260 EG

Vanzin Serviços Aduaneiros’s HMK 260 EG will be used to handle fertilisers and grain, and will start work in June. Loxus Granéis’s HMK 260 EG will be used to handle pet coke at the port, and is to being operations in July.

Both of the ports already operate a range of Gottwald cranes for general cargo and container handling, but the order for two HMK 260 EG mobile harbour cranes for handling bulk materials is a sign that Gottwald’s strategy for growth in the area has been “successful”, said Rainer Buessing, Gottwald’s regional product manager.

“Our business in Latin America has been developing very satisfactorily in recent years and the two new orders are a sign that Gottwald is successfully pursuing its strategy to conquer the bulk handling market in this region as well,” said Buessing.

“With the two HMK 260 EG cranes for Brazil we have gained important references and will further strengthen our reputation as an acknowledged provider of dedicated bulk handling equipment.”