Argentinian manufacturer IMPSA Port Systems has signed a contract to deliver a ship to shore container gantry crane and a rubber tyred gantry crane (RTG) to the Brazilian port of Paranaguá, Brazil.
Delivery is scheduled for September 2003.
It also has a one-year option to supply an additional ship to shore gantry crane and five RTGs.
The ship to shore gantry crane will be manufactured in Brazil, while the RTG will be manufactured partially in Brazil by a joint venture between IMPSA, Kalmar and Usiminas Mecánicas.
The ship to shore crane has an outreach of 38.5m and a backreach of 15m. Lifting height under spreader from gantry rail is 31m. Lowering height under spreader from gantry rail is 15m. The rail span is 18m.
Capacity under spreader is 40t and under hook is 50t. Hoisting speed with rated load is 60m/min amd with an empty spreader is 110 m/min. Trolley traveling speed is 150m/min.
The specification of the RTG crane is 6+1 containers wide, with a stacking height of 4+1. Rated load under spreader is 40t. Hoisting speed is 26m/min with rated load and 52m/min with empty spreader. Trolley traveling speed is 70m/min.