The company says its line of resin end-stops meet the requirements of crane OEMs, wire rope suppliers, and crane operators. For the development of this product, BBRG utilised in-house fitting design expertise. “Products are available to meet specific needs of existing OEM fitting systems,” said the manufacturer.

Travis Buck, BBRG’s global segment director of Cranes and Industrial, said: “BBRG’s tested and proven resin end-stops in combination with our high performance cranes ropes form a reliable rope system solution for today’s state-of-the-art cranes. Our end-stops can be attached to our crane ropes by BBRG or by our authorised distributors, either in a service centre or even at the jobsite if the situation requires, allowing for more flexibility and less downtime.”

Dyform 4 is a compacted, single-layer rope around a synthetic core, offering rotation and wear resistance. The manufacturer said this new product is ideal for unloading type deck cranes.

BBRG said: “Compared to conventional four-strand ropes, Dyform 4 has a higher minimum breaking force. Dyform 4 is tested in service to provide up to 80% more lifting cycles before reaching broken wire removal criteria, and has substantially less diameter reduction, resulting in longer life of sheave and drum grooves. Dyform 4’s abrasion resistance is up to 50% better than alternative multistrand rotation-resistant ropes.”