Liam Botting, MD of UK based lifting equipment specialist Britlift, has been a lifelong fan of Weymouth Football Club. For the last two season, the football team has been sponsored by Britlift, with the company’s logo displayed on the players’ shirt sleeves and on the roof of the pitch-side dugouts.

Britlift is also located in Weymouth, Dorset. With Weymouth having plenty of boatyards that require lifting equipment, Botting felt that sponsoring Weymouth FC would increase awareness of the Britlift brand in the town where the company is headquartered.

“We are based in Weymouth but do most of our business globally, so sponsoring Weymouth FC was a great way to spread the word locally about our services,” Botting said. “All companies engaged in lifting materials have a legal duty to ensure that all lifting operations are carried out safely. Lifting equipment also has to undergo a regular Thorough Examination under LOLER regulations.

“Weymouth has many businesses with lifting equipment that needs LOLER inspections, and other companies that could benefit from the expertise we can bring to often complex and challenging lifting operations.

“Also, football is a universal language and something that unites people across the world. As a global business, being able to reference our sponsorship of Weymouth FC and show pictures of our logo on the shirt sleeve has been a fantastic icebreaker.”