The job took considerable planning to avoid overhead and roadside obstacles

With the smallest of the loads measuring 4.65m in height and the largest 5.2m, significant planning had to be undertaken ahead of the move to ensure that each of the loads would safely make the journey unimpeded. The skids weighed 47t, 19t, and 16t.

Collett’s team performed a visual route inspection identifying traffic lights, street signage, bollards, lampposts, railing and overhead wires that needed to beremoved or altered to allow for safe passage.

After liaising with Rotherham County Council, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and North East Lincolnshire Council a plan was in place to remove the street furniture which could prove problematic for the loaded vehicles.  In the Rawmarsh Hill area of Rotherham, 33 cables were repositioned higher, and it was agreed that the convoy would travel with cable lifting teams to raise any overhead lines as and where identified.

Collett also lowered the deck height of the trailers as needed, allowing for the load to safely clear each of the raised cables along the route. The final addition to the convoy came in the form of a tree team, which ‘spot trimmed’ and removed any foliage which could potentially inhibit the movement of the cargo.

With all the preliminary work completed and under police escort the convoy completed its 115 mile journey from Rotherham to Immingham.