Collett utilises new Goldhofer girder bridge

12 May 2022

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Transportation of 172 tonne transformer successfully completed by Collett utilising its new Goldhofer girder bridge.

UK-based heavy transport logistics specialist Collett used its new 250 tonne capacity Goldhofer girder bridge to transport a 172 tonne super grid transformer.

With the National Grid’s Feckenham substation in Redditch, UK, currently being upgraded to replace ageing equipment, Collett was appointed to complete delivery of a 172 tonne super grid transformer from Sundon, UK – a distance of 118 miles.

The modular trailer travelled as two separate ten-axle combinations which allowed for the modular girder bridge to be built around the transformer to form a 20-axle loaded configuration.

Undertaking jacking and skidding operations to manoeuvre the transformer, Collett’s Heavy Lift Team positioned and raised it to allow for the construction of the girder bridge configuration. With the transformer raised to the optimum height Collett reversed each half of the girder bridge trailer positioning the side beams under the transformers transport arms and securing the load.

With the transformer securely loaded to the girder bridge trailer Collett departed the substation site in a push/pull formation with one 8x4 tractor unit pulling the combination and one unit pushing. The 65.8 metre combination travelled with police escorts.

On arrival at the destination Collett hydraulically raised the side beams of the girder bridge, lifting the transformer allowing for the positioning of timber supports.  Once in place the girder bridge was then lowered, resting the super grid transformer on the timbers and allowing for the modular trailer to be split and disassembled from the payload.

With the new Goldhofer girder bridge clear of the super grid transformer, Collett again employed the hydraulic jacking and skidding system to provide final positioning of the transformer. 

To ensure maximum safety throughout Collett says it conducted detailed pressure calculations, detailing the forces and ground pressured during the jacking and skating operations to and from the trailer.

Once lowered to rest on the skid track, the hydraulic push pull units extended and retracted between the jacking points on the track to bring the cargo to its resting plinth.

According to Collett, the completion of this project sees its new girder bridge become an integral addition to its fleet, joining its 350 and 550 tonne capacity Scheuerle girder bridge and offering an added flexibility for heavy transport projects.