Columbus McKinnon (CM) has launched a new wire rope hoist series, branded as the Yale Global King and the Shaw-Box World Series. These are the first of a new line from the manufacturer.

Features include a rope guide, a relatively small drum, low headroom, a cross-shaft drive assembly, and two-speed operation.

The hoists were introduced at the first annual meeting of Cranemart in Las Vegas in October. Cranemart is a network of crane builders that use CM equipment. According to CM it is the largest such network in the USA.

The lift capacities of the new hoists are given in metric units, while their lifting heights retain imperial measurements. Lift capacities are 5t, 7.5t and 10t. Lifting heights are 25ft and 40ft. CM says that this makes these hoists “ideal for heavy manufacturing, tool and die, and warehouse applications”.

CM’s Yale Industrial Products operation will supply the hoists as the Yale Global King in the USA and Canada. It will be distributed as the Shaw-Box World Series by CM’s Lift-Tech operations.

International distribution is beginning in Latin America where both products are available through CM’s international distributors. Further international distribution will be added during 2002, the company said, though CE certification has not yet been attained.

CM president and chief executive officer Timothy Tevens said: “Columbus McKinnon is significantly enhancing our hoist product line and our new wire rope hoists are our most important product introduction as part of this effort and the beginning of a major new line for CM.”

He added: “We’ve modernised the design, used metric-rated capacities, and incorporated the most requested features as standard, while pricing this product very competitively. CM’s new wire rope hoists will enhance our ability to increase share in domestic and international markets based on both its price and its enhanced features including lower headroom, more flexible lifting speeds, and improved positioning control. We are very pleased to have developed a more competitive wire rope hoist line without compromising the high quality that CM products are known for.”

CM has issued customer testimonials on the new product. George Frost, president of Mass Crane and Hoist Service Inc of Chelmsford, Massachusetts said: “I’m impressed by the pricing given the quality and all the standard features. The two speed motor and 6:1 ratio enable a broader range of speeds to accommodate both faster lifting and the slower speeds needed for more precise positioning.”

Harold Maciejko, president of H&S Material Handling of Edmonton, Canada said: “The lower headroom increases lift and clearance which means I can lift heavier loads higher, boosting productivity significantly.”

Neal Wilson, president of Proserv Crane & Equipment of Houston, Texas said: “The accessibility of the parts make CM’s new wire rope hoists easier and cheaper to maintain than many comparable imported products.”

Steve West, president of Cranes R Us of Edmonton, Canada said: “CM has combined US quality with global design to create a new World Series hoist we can be proud to introduce in Canada. All of the legislative and customer driven features exist; upper and lower geared limits, secondary upper limit, drop stops, 5:1 safety factor, CSA, world class motors, extra heavy electrics, and clever options.”