The equipment delivered comprised two goosenecks, 2+3+3+4-axle bogies, one Joker-axle, one add-on beam, one excavator bed and one six-axle loading platform with PA-X pendle axle technology and excavator trough.

Thanks to the two goosenecks, the combinations can always be used in tandem. “The combination option with the 6-axle PA-X bogie is of great interest to us,” said CEO Alexander Kothmaier, when discussing its special features. As one of the very first customers, the Austrians ordered a low pendle-axle PA-X trailer, with 790mm loading height, 60° steering angle and 600 mmstroke.

Faymonville said the PA-X loading surface is equipped with the biggest excavator trough available on the market: 4,240mm long and 440mm deep with a breadth of 900mm.

The trailer can be customised to suit the job at hand. “Not one kilogramme too much is added,” said Faymonville.

“It is a crucial advantage when you only have to transport the actual weight that you need for the job at hand,” Kothmaier added. “In the case of high axle load concentrations, it is possible to gain extra length by using the installable telescopic centre beam (add-on beam). This means that heavy weights and long goods can be transported easily. This works extremely well with the modular CombiMAX-system.”