Thanks to a strengthened loading area, it reaches point loads up to 50,000kg above the wheel arches and 80,000kg above cross members for heavy and concentrated loads.

According to the manufacturer, the MGSL has the highest bending moment in the market, as each axle line has a technical axle load at 0.5km/h from 45,000kg.

“The axle compensation makes an ideal load distribution possible. Best maneuverability is guaranteed by pendulum axles with a stroke of 600mm and the pivot-mounted bogie with a 60° steering angle. Road inclinations (lengthwise and crosswise) can easily be compensated with the important stroke on the cylinders,” said Cometto.

The steering is controlled either by a gooseneck or a drawbar. Dropdecks are also available in various designs and payload classes.

Powered by Scania

Cometto also recently formed a new partnership with engine manufacturer Scania.  In 2017, the transport company will take delivery of 12 Scania DC09 and DC13 engines, with Stage IIIA and Stage IV / Tier 4F emission levels. These will be used for medium and large modular vehicles. The company is also looking to use Scania V8 enginers on special vehicles for more specific applications.

Cometto chose Scania because its engines meet legislative standards on emissions, while still fitting in the available space of Cometto Power Packs, used on modular self-propelled, shipyard and steelwork transporters.

Fabrizio Lippi, head of engineering at Cometto said: “Italscania was able to meet our requirement, thanks to their concept of modular construction. In this way we can produce a single chassis, independently of the Scania engine to be used and its emissions level, due to the reduced-height cooling package that is used on the entire power range produced by Italscania's partner, Arduini Luigi s.n.c.; this enables us to make considerable savings during the design and production stages."