The heavy components arrived to Ivory Coast by ship, and they had to be transported from the port to the jobsite. For this job, Marine Maroc formed an SPMT convoy with eight axle lines coupled side-by-side with eight other axle vehicles. The modular combination generated a platform width of 5m and a payload capacity of about 600t.

First the turbine, which weighed 361t, had to be transported. The SPMT controlled by a wireless remote control was steered under the freight and thanks to the 600mm stroke, the vehicle picked up the turbine from the steel frame and started its journey to the power plant. After the completion of the first move, the self-propelled unit repeated the journey with the 295t generator.

Apart from Marine Maroc, Bolloré Transport & Logistics was also involved in the transportation of components for this project, which in total weighed 900t.