CT Compact Truck, now in its 10th year, is looking for a new partner to produce its cranes and has issued a denial that it has financial troubles.

‘The Swiss company CT Compact Truck AG is not bankrupt at all. The rumours which were recently going around the crane industry are complete nonsense,’ said managing director Alex Lutz.

The company does not itself make cranes – it never has – but it uses licensed partners. From 1993 to 1999 the cranes were built by a company in Weimar, Germany. Since then they have been made under license by a company in Ulm, called Compact Crane.

Explained Lutz: ‘The philosophy of Compact Truck has always been to cooperate with other companies for the production of their unique technology, of which Compact Truck is the registered owner. Now, Compact Truck is looking for a new partner for the production of cranes as the facilities in Ulm have become too small to cover the existing demand for CT mobile cranes.

Lutz said that Ulm-based Compact Crane would continue to be the worldwide after sales service and the repair centre.

The headquarters of Compact Truck and the sales and marketing departments will remain in Zug, Switzerland, he said.

Details of new license partners, both inside and outside of Western Europe, will be revealed soon, Lutz said.