The region attracts cranes from all over the world, fuelled not just by high oil prices, but also from tourism. The city’s is going through a construction boom as it becomes a Las Vegas-style resort destination.

The new conference demonstrates that Wilmington is addressing the most important markets in the world, says Cranes Today publisher David Wildman. “Where some cities have palm trees, Dubai has cranes,” he says.

The popular Crane Safety conference will also return to London in June 2007, although slightly earlier in the month than previous events. Crane Safety 2007 will take place 4 and 5 June 2007 at the Trades Union Congress Centre in London. The London event attracted a sell-out crowd and featured speakers ranging from Mammoet safety director Bryan Cronie, Japan Crane Association director Tsutomu Hashimoto and UK health and safety principal specialist investigator Ian Simpson.