Two projects in the Northeast involved a 291,000lbs propane tank and a 409,000lbs surge tank. Florida-based Crane Rental offloaded the 151ft long and 14ft wide propane tank from a rail spur using 700t capacity gantries before transportation 52 miles on a dual-lane extending-axle transport trailer using a dolly configuration.

The trailer’s axles expanded from 14 to 20ft to more evenly distribute weight over bridges.

The other Northeast project saw a 157ft long and 13.5ft wide surge tank offloaded from a rail spur using 700t gantries, before transportation 32 miles on tow-hitch modular Goldhofer trailers.

In the Southeast, a fully assembled 237,000lbs transformer was moved from its pad onto a six-line self-propelled Goldhofer and transported to a containment area. A new 186,000lbs transformer was then offloaded, moved on a six-line Goldhofer trailer and set in place using a 600t Terex AC500-2 hydraulic truck crane.

Another Southeast project saw Crane Rental remove a 300,000lbs transformer and hoisting it with the 700t gantry system onto an 18-axle self propelled trailer.

The Dura-Base mat system was required to mitigate ground-bearing pressures on a site with tight clearances and underground utilities.