The brochure contains all of the presentations and logistical details.

Among the top industry professionals that will speak at this year’s conference are Ian Simpson, a senior inspector with the UK-based Health and Safety Executive; Tsutomu Hashimoto, general manager of KITO’s development & technology division, and a director of the Japan Crane Association; Bryan Cronie, safety director of Mammoet; Klaus Meissner, director of research & development at Terex-Demag; and John Heazlewood, chairman of the Australian crane standards committee, and former chief inspector of machinery for the Western Australian Government.

Three streams – on mobile, tower, and factory cranes – will follow the morning plenary sessions. The second day of the conference will include workshops on CIRIA’s new report on tower crane stability, which provides practical guidance on the safe use of tower cranes, and explains the issues affecting their design, erection and use.

Topics covered at the conference – each of which will highlight business benefits of practical use to delegates – will include: Why it makes business sense to harmonise global standards; effective crane inspection to protect your employees and save on claims; rescue systems – the lessons from a major initiative in British Columbia; how the latest safety standards are changing crane building; reconciling European and international views of crane maintenance; using suspended baskets to lift people; crane operator training and certification.

For more details of the conference, visit and follow the Crane Safety 2006 link.

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