Contact: Krishna Nirola, Construction Contract Support Specialist, Phone (202) 962-1336, Fax (202) 962-2038, Email

Work consists of, but is not limited to: furnishing all required cranes and other specified equipment, operations crews, maintenance services and operations as defined in the specifications for delivery to multiple locations within the Washington DC Metropolitan Area on a scheduled basis. Bids due on July 11, 2007. Solicitation documents are available as of June 22, 2007 by contacting Mr. Krishna P. Nirola in writing at (202) 962-2038 or by e-mail to Questions should be directed to Mr. Nirola in writing at fax(202) 962-2038. Should you have contractual questions, please contact Mr. Nirola at (202) 962-1336 or Ted Croushore at 202-962-2071.