Internet trading specialist has completed what it believes is the first ever on-line auction of rough terrain cranes.

The 12 June event attracted bids for a range of used Tadano RTs from the Middle East, Europe and Japan. Units fetched prices of up to $45,000.

To alleviate fears that buyers would not commit without seeing the iron, each unit came with a detailed assessment from Tadano’s own engineers and backed-up with more than 30 photographs.

AssetLine sales director Daryl Kwok said: ‘Buyers are naturally nervous buying cranes over the internet, but comprehensive Tadano inspections provide all the information and quality assurance they require. ‘ AssetLine says that almost 2,700 participants from 19 countries have watched its various construction equipment auctions live over the internet. Most equipment sold to date has been mainstream earthmoving equipment.

AssetLine’s CEO Marc Edelstein said: ‘We’ve already proved we can sell earth-moving equipment over the internet in large volumes, but AssetLine had never tried RT cranes before. This auction, though small, sets a precedent. We now hope to have crane auctions every month to build on this success.’ Another Tadano auction is scheduled for this month, with up to 20 cranes included.

AssetLine is aiming to capture more than 1% of the $100bn construction equipment market.