D-mats allow the direction of the roadway to be altered by 10° to the left or the right, and are suitable for cranes and heavy plant.

The load-bearing capacity of D-mats is equal to normal Dura-Base mats, giving consistent strength over the entire temporary roadway, Terrafirma said.

Dura-Base mats use a 300mm overlapping lip system, and secure with twist lock fasteners, requiring no nuts, bolts or joining plates. This provides a continuous barrier between the ground and the mat surface, preventing mud seepage according to Terrafirma.

As well as the launch of the D-mat system, the 25 March open day will include demonstrations on the performance of cranes and heavy plant on Dura-Base mats, marsh land operations, cleaning of temporary roadway systems and other topics.

Four speakers will also present at the Terrafirma open day, including: Hugh Robertson, managing director of Terrafirma Roadways; Sammy Cooper, president of Dura-Base developer Newpark Environmental Services; farmer and agricultural writer William Cumber; and John Brooks, operation manager at Dura-Base user Electricity Alliance East.

The open day takes place at Millets Farm Centre, Abingdon on 25 March.