Danish construction company SST HEJS is using lift systems from German construction and industrial lift manufacturer Geda for two big construction projects in Denmark. Geda's Multilift P22 Premium is being used at the Herlev Bymidte shopping centre, while four Geda 1200 Z/ZP transport platforms are being used for the construction of a new school, the Arenakvarterets Skole, in Copenhagen.

At Herlev Bymidte, in a suburb of Copenhagen, a Geda Multilift P22 Premium is being used to help streamline day-to-day operations by transporting materials and workers to a height of up to 50 metres (11 floors) – although the system has a maximum lift height of 200 metres. The Multilift P22 Premium has a speed of 54 metres per minute and is equipped with intelligent call control and Geda Comfort landing safety gates. It has a compact, pre-installed base unit and can be installed without a separate base, simplifying setup and enabling fast assembly. The P22 Premium can lift up to 2,000 kg or 22 persons.

At the Arenakvarterets Skole site, in the heart of Copenhagen, four 1200 Z/ZP transport platforms are being used to enhance efficiency, says Geda. The platforms are capable of transporting loads of up to 1,500kg and measure 3.2 metres by 1.4 metres. They use just one Vario Mast to operate, says Geda. 

Two of these platforms are situated on the ground and reach a lifting height of nine metres, serving two floors. The other two units are installed on a flat roof and provide access to four floors, with a lifting height of 18 metres. The Geda 1200 Z/ZP transport platform can reach heights of up to 130 metres.

To further enhance efficiency, two units at the school have been positioned adjacent to each other, enabling simultaneous operation.

Once complete the school will comprise a community school, sports facilities, recreational areas, and a spacious communal area.