As part of a $10m redesign of Miller Park Stadium’s video scoreboard system, the crane rental firm used a 350USt Grove GMK 6350 to lift the 15ft x 75ft sign, which weighs 16t including its 8.5USt frame.

The project is being overseen by general contractor Mortenson Construction with installation and rigging being handled by J.P Cullen and Sons.

Dawes Rigging and Crane rental designed the lift using A1A Software’s web-based 3-D Lift Plan application, and decided to position the crane in the parking lot outside the stadium for the lift.

This meant the lift had to be a blind pick, and with the sign being raised over 140ft to clear the stadium’s centre field roof, the Grove GMK 6350’s 196ft boom and 62ft jib was ideal.

Dawes Rigging and Crane rental sales representative Kirk Williams, believes what could have been a tricky blind pick was simplified by their provision of the right crane along with an experienced operator.

He said: “It’s another example of how we make projects easier for contractors and help make them more productive.”

Once completed, the new scoreboard system will measure 6,000 sq ft and be the third largest in Major League Baseball.