Terex Demag has renamed the AC 650, its biggest wheeled mobile crane, the AC 700 after having increased its rated capacity from 650t to 700t.

Capacity increases are particularly noticeable with the Sideways Superlift (SSL) attachment for the luffing fly jib, Demag says.

First customer for the AC 700 is Kranen Michielsens of Belgium, which has bought a Euro 9m package of 12 all-terrain cranes. Michielsens took delivery in December of five AC 80-2 models, six AC 100s and an AC 700.

Three out of the six AC 100 models are equipped with a full function tag axle, which allows the crane to have a much higher counterweight within the 12 ton axle load limitation, giving strong lifting capacities without requiring the transport of additional ballast.