Although I have not seen mobiles or crawlers dressed up with tinsel and silvery plastic garlands, I am sure there are people who decorate them every year.

I think it is great that people want to channel their holiday sentiments into a display that can appeal to others, especially when those others often do not have any choice about looking at a great big crane next to their offices, workshops, or homes. Perhaps there is a case for some cranes to be decorated year-round.

Sorry to be Scrooge here, but I wonder about the safety of the guys who are spending hours stringing lights on a jib, and the risks that the decorations themselves pose to passers-by.

A couple of years ago an industrial facility behind our offices was expanding and had a tower crane on site on a long-term contract. I watched a couple of guys walking along the jib putting lights on. And I swear I saw one of them drop a tool. I hope nobody was walking underneath the crane at the time.

So here are some boring, but worthy, questions: Who is going to string up the decorations – Christmas trees or lights, or whatever? Have they done a risk analysis and method statement for this labour-intensive work? How will the decorations be attached to the crane? Are they likely to catch the wind in a strong breeze? Is there an emergency tether on the bigger decorations in case they blow loose? Are Christmas lights wired into the crane electrics? Are they fused? Are they grounded?

Have a safe holiday season – I hope to see you all again next year.