The Dunlop SP382 is a mixed-service steer tyre that can also be used as an all-position tyre if required.  The tread is wide and deep with solid ribs and optimised groove geometry.  Stone penetration is a constant risk in the typical conditions in which this tyre is designed to perform and the carcass features a special top belt along with stone protectors to minimize this.  The benefits of these features are high mileage, high carcass integrity, wet skid and traction performance as well as protection against stone holding.  The enhanced carcass integrity in turn improves the retreadability of the tyre.

Two designs of the SP382 are available; a four-rib version for standard aspect ratio sizes and a five-rib version for low aspect ratio sizes when they become available.

For drive axles, the SP482 is also a mixed service tyre with road performance as its prime objective.  It too offers high mileage, carcass durability and retreadability.  Its construction and tread design ensure the optimum balance of on and off-road traction with the added benefit of good self-cleaning.

The tread design of the SP482 has deep radial shoulder grooves combined with a centerline rib for optimum traction and steering precision.  The groove geometry minimizes stone holding and provides the self-cleaning properties. The introduction of the 12R22.5 SP482 drive tyre now completes the range which includes other recently introduced sizes.

Both ranges feature a unique top breaker construction know as TPL (Top Protective Layer) technology.  This is a corrosion-resistance barrier built into the tyre between the tread and the high-strength steel belts.  TPL technology protects against damage due penetration as well as preventing moisture from causing corrosion damage.

Both models are available in sizes of 13R22.5, 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5, 12.00R20TT. The SP382 is available in other sizes.

Dunlop truck tyres are regroovable and retreadable, and are not currently affected by the world shortage of large tyres.

Dunlop SP482 tyre Dunlop SP482 tyre