Eaton, based in Havant, UK provides hydraulic systems and components worldwide.

Its new product is Eaton Dynamax EC850, a multi-spiral reinforced hose for 500 bar (7,250 psi) operating pressures.

The new hose and fittings can be used in hydrostatic drive systems, direct drive steering systems, and other applications which require hoses with high pressure capability and flexibility.

The hose and fitting series is available in the following sizes: – 10 (DN16); -12 (DN19); -16 (DN25); -20 (DN31).

Eaton uses only 4 spiral wire layers in size -10 [DN16], size -12 [DN19] and also in size -16 [DN19].

Size -20 [DN25] has a 6-wire layer construction to achieve high working pressure.

The hose is designed to be flexible, enabling the end user to easily install the hose assembly in tight area.

It was designed with a new generation of inner tube material that enables this hose to achieve significantly increased service life while meeting the requirements of the REACH regulation.

It is qualified with a bend radius that is 10% better than the SAE100R15 industry standard.

It has a safety factor of a 4:1 burst pressure, and meets a class 0 leakage in accordance with SAE J1176.

Eaton said it offered a complete range of hose fittings and adapters in sizes -10 (DN16) through -20 (DN31) for use with the hose.

The fittings are offered with chrome III plating as the standard, and optional corrosion-resistance plating.