Polimeni has spent the previous twenty years working in the mechanical sector, serving as export area manager for Autogru PM for five years and then moving onto Fassi Gru group, where he held a number of roles working on national and international projects to increase its sales network, and helping the company expand into the hydraulic crane sector.

Effer said the skills he has developed over the previous two decades make Polimeni the ideal candidate to strengthen its commercial operations.

“We need to strengthen our commercial branch with a ‘true leader’,” said Giampaolo Piovan, commercial director at Effer’s parent company CTE Group.

“That’s why we went with a sales director with proven experience and character who can revamp our commercial policy and help Effer continue to succeed.”

“The company put its faith in me,” said Polimeni. “The economic situation isn’t great but I’m not afraid to put myself out there and take the steps necessary to bring renewed prosperity to Effer.”