KJ allows users to change the crane configuration from 8 boom extensions to 10 boom extensions for a vertical outreach of almost 35m. 2nd JIB raises the knuckleboom’s articulation point

In its maximum configuration (8s+KJ2s+Jib L6s) the 2255 reaches a height of 55m.

The manufacturer said it invented the new hydraulic device to give more flexibility of use. With two additional extensions, the KJ combines the lifting performance of the crane with greater articulation height thanks to 2 extensions more.

Users can leave the KJ installed on the crane, completely stowed inside the first boom, and with the jib mounted.

“All of the electronic and hydraulic systems are designed to ensure maximum performance, both with and without the KJ, always optimizing the crane’s capacity,” said Effer.

The 2nd JIB is an option for work at heights, shifting the articulation point to 49m. The 2nd JIB has CE certification in accordance with the current regulations. In addition, operators have the ability to move the second jib with a remote control to make all maneuvers simultaneous.

Multiple attachment points allow operators to attach lifting accessories, such as hooks, on the crane boom and on the jibs.

The 2255’s stabilisers’ extension exceeds 11m, and the chassis stiffness ensures a rigid and stable vehicle. The base is specifically designed to be compact and to fit four and five axles chassis with different axle spacings.

Ergonomic controls and ease of use are strong features of the 2255. The rotation system of the foot cylinder on all stabilizers (including the tail stabilizers), avoids any interference with the different components of the truck and ensures a compact installation.

Effer’s new greasing system and use of bronze ensures the maximum resistance to wear and tear, and the maximum efficiency during the lubrication of components.

All of the crane controls are inside the cover on the column, making manual maneuvers easier for the operator. The entire panel of PROGRESS 2.0, the new electronic control system, is always lit for maximum visibility under all working conditions, offering maximum ease of use. There is also a column for visual alerts.