The boom truck has a lifting capacity of 18t and features Elliott’s five-section 81ft telescopic boom with a compact stowed length and a 91ft tip height.

The 1881TM includes integrated out-down main outriggers with full and mid-span settings. “This allows for improved setup in a variety of terrain and jobsite conditions,” the manufacturer said.

Along with new out-down main outriggers, the 1881TM model incorporates a number of new features. These include: Elliott’s Hydraulic Load Limiter (HLL) overload alert system with full and mid-span charts; wireless anti-two-block (A2B); front bumper winch stow control; high visibility operator stations; electronic foot throttle controls; proprietary wear pad design and optional outrigger short-jacking system.

The 1881TM model boom truck is designed to serve a range of applications including home construction, truss delivery and pipeline service. The boom can stow over the cab to provide space behind the crane for the connection of a trailer using a chassis with a fifth wheel or with the boom sitting over a flatbed.