Bangladesh, India-based logistics and transport company MKK Logistics has used an Enerpac SBL900 hydraulic gantry crane to successfully install a 130 tonne HPIP turbine at a Combined Cycle powerplant at Meghnaghat in Dhaka.

Space was restricted, along with access. Also, the installation spot was on the second floor of the powerplant. MKK used its compact Enerpac SBL900 hydraulic gantry to progressively lift the turbine and then position it ready to final installation.

MKK Logistics calculated that using steel wire slings and utilising the 11m maximum lift height of the SBL900 at the second stage, the turbine could be lifted to 14m in two steps. First the SBL900 gantry and skidding track were hoisted to 14m using the building’s overhead crane. Once assembled the gantry was skidded above the turbine. Using linked steel wire slings attached to the gantry header beams, MKK Logistics first lifted and held the turbine at 7.8m while a steel platform was put in place to rest the turbine on. For the final lift to 14m single slings were attached to the turbine and SBL900 header beam and the gantry raised clear of the building’s second floor.

The HPIP turbine was then skidded to a resting place. Although the turbine was facing the right direction, the SBL900 gantry and skid track had to be reconfigured by 90 degrees to then skid the turbine into its correct position ready for installation.

“Given the lack of space and restricted building access we felt confident that our compact Enerpac SBL900 hydraulic gantry could be used to progressively lift the turbine and then position it ready to be fully installed,” said Taher MD Ilias, assistant general manager, MKK Logistics. “We were delighted with the power and reach of the Enerpac gantry, providing just what was required for this demanding lifting project.”