Steil Kranarbeiten, based in Trier, Germany, has ordered a 1,200t capacity Demag AC 1000-9 all terrain crane. The nine-axle crane will be delivered in October 2017.

“Like no other crane in its class, the AC 1000-9 combines power with compactness, which makes it very versatile. And the optional 100m main boom allows us to realize challenging job sites like high rise wind turbine erection,” said Birgit Steil, managing director at Steil Kranarbeiten.

Fellow German company Scholpp Kran & Transport, based in Stuttgart, has ordered the Demag AC 220-5.

The company will be using its new Demag crane primarily at BASF’s premises.

“It’s crucial for the crane to be able to lift high and wide while minimizing the required setup work. In fact, this is especially important for the indoor projects involved in our work with BASF. That’s why we ordered the crane with a hydraulic fly jib in order to extend the main boom,” said Heinz Schuh, Scholpp branch manager in Ludwigshafen.

The S.V.M.M. company, based in Valenciennes, France, took delivery of its new Demag AC 160-5 all terrain crane.  This machine was purchased to replace an AC 120.

Thanks to its 68m boom, this crane will allow S.V.M.M. to respond to the demand for setting up highrising tower cranes and building complex steel structures.

Jagulak Sens Levage based in Sens, France, took delivery of a Demag AC 250-5. To be able to cover more construction sites, Jagulak chose to add the 21m double folding jib, which attaches to the 70m main boom for a total system length of 91m.