Exclusive video: Faymonville at Intermat 2024

10 May 2024

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Four trailers and an SPMT showcased at Faymonville’s Intermat stand. This included the CombiMAX, which has been bought by two Dutch companies, while the ECO1000 SPMT has also been bought another two Dutch companies.

Trailer manufacturer Faymonville showcased four of its trailers (the CombiMax, MultiMax, MultiMax PA-X, and a Max110), alongside its Cometto brand ECO1000 SPMT, at the recent Intermat trade show in Paris, France.

The ECO1000 SPMT model on display had been purchased by Rometal and Drecht Coating Services, both Dutch steel-industry related companies. The SPMT has an integrated power pack unit for in-plant transport jobs up to a payload of 1000 tonnes.

The compact vehicle is available with two-, four- and six-axle lines. A video on the ECO1000 can be seen here: https://lnkd.in/er26XYYc

The modular CombiMAX was on display in a particularly prominent position on Faymonville’s stand and attracted a lot of attention from visitors to the show.

The CombiMAX is, according to Faymonville, the only modular system available that can be used as a telescopic semi low-loader. The flexibility of the CombiMAX is illustrated in this new Faymonville YouTube video: https://lnkd.in/exUDMSNZ

A CombiMAX has recently been bought by Dutch company M.J. Van Riel. The first job Van Riel used it for was to transport an 88-tonne transformer a total of 850 kilometres over two nights. A YouTube video of the job can be seen here: https://lnkd.in/eEECZZ8D   

And a full report can be read here: https://lnkd.in/euM-S8fd    

Another Dutch company to use Faymonville’s CombiMAX trailer is Flex Rent Specials, which rents out heavy transport tractors, (semi) low loaders, modular trailers, and truck-mounted cranes. The company has bought three new CombiMAX combinations. The setup comprises three goosenecks heading up 32-axle lines divided into five two-axle centre bogies, three six-axle centre bogies, and four one-axle jokers.

Flex Rent Specials also ordered two double telescopic Add-On-Beams, up to 16,000 millimetres in length, allowing modular and extendable semi low-loader combinations to be formed. Two likewise telescopic vessel bridges allow the CombiMAX to be used as a low-loader. They can be hydraulically widened from the basic width of 3,000 mm to 4,700 mm.

There is also a turntable for the rear axle group, designed for use with a free-turning device for maximum manoeuvrability during transport.

A video of Flex Rent Specials’ new trailers can be seen here: https://lnkd.in/eDgKFP6Q

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The Max110
The Cometto ECO1000 SPMT
The MultiMax
The CombiMax
The MultiMax PA-X