The work was conducted on behalf of IHB Ingenieurbau Schleusingen, with the museum, called Grimm-Welt, set to mark the lives and works of the brothers Grimm, who lived in Kassel.

Proschwitz & Schröder Baumaschinen delivered the crane from its headquarters in Beilrode, transporting the structure around 350km on seven trucks. Despite limited space, it was erected at the job site in one day, using three assembly technicians and one mobile crane.

The 8t CTT 161A-8 was erected on a C45 cruciform base, with a jib length of 60m and a hook height of 33m.

The crane’s variable-frequency drives were required to handle extremely low inrush currents, said Jürgen Schröder, managing director of Proschwitz & Schröder: "When we’re doing projects in the middle of a city and are in the process of choosing the right crane, we always need to take the corresponding power requirements and inrush current into account in order to make sure we won’t be causing problematic voltage fluctuations on the public grid."

Site manager Benjamin Wanka, from IHB Ingenieurbau Schleusingen, said: "The construction work we were doing meant that the museum wasn’t able to operate normally, which of course meant that we were under a lot of pressure to finish the entire construction project on time. Now, when you look at it from that point of view, it’s easy to see that we really needed the crane to work smoothly and reliably for the entire seven-month construction phase."