This month has seen the arrival of a new Volvo FM460 truck fitted with a Fassi 485 loading crane.  The company placed orders for two Jaso J380PA luffing jib tower cranes, two Potain HUP40-30 self-erecting tower cranes, a Wolff 500B luffing jib tower crane and ten JCB 40KVA generators.

Falcon also purchased an old World War II air traffic control tower, which will be refurbished into a new training facility. In addition to the capital investment, the company have signed a lease on two separate plots of land on Shipdham Airfield Industrial Estate amounting to an additional five acres. This brings the total storage and workshop area on site to 23.5 acres in addition to the 3-acre yard in Manchester.

Andy Brown, commercial director of Falcon says “We are proud to be not only the largest supplier of tower cranes in the UK but one with a modern and diverse fleet. The introduction of the two Potain HUP40-30 and the Wolff 500B increases the range of cranes we can offer even further”.

The Potain HUP40-30 self-erecting crane has a maximum height of 30m under hook, whilst maintaining a 40m jib length. Brown said: “The added advantage of a 30m hook height makes this type of crane a must within any rental fleet.” The Potains join 2 new Vicarios purchased earlier this year, which boast 1.4t at 40m. This new purchase takes the fleet size of our self-erectors up to 60 units.

The two Jaso J380PAs will be delivered early in 2019 and both cranes will be erected in Scotland. The new additions keep the 200 plus fleet of luffing jib cranes to under six years old.

“This continued investment in not only in tower cranes but also in the other aspects of our work such as fabrication, shotblasting and painting, allows us to continue making large advances in the quality, health and safety and the performance which we can offer to our customers,” said Brown.