Tadano Faun’s Italian agent Mister Gru has delivered a new ATF 80-4 all terrain to Pisa based rental company Grandi Sollevamenti. It will be used for restoration work on the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The four-axle ATF 80-4, which is rated at 80t capacity, was fully equipped with Mercedes engines (428 HP and 170 HP), ZF-AS-Tronic 12 speed transmission, Telma retarder brake, 8x6x8 drive/steer, 16.00 R25 tyres, 48,5m main boom, 9m-16m fly jib, two winches, maximum counterweight, four hook blocks and the special 2.5m short jib used in pre-cast concrete panel assembly work.

Grandi said that it selected the Tadano Faun ATF 80-4, the first foreign crane it has purchased, mainly because of the reputation the crane has in Italy for lifting performance and reliability. Additional factors were the two engine design and the innovative tilting cab ­ the seat and control panel tilt within the cab, while the cab itself stays fixed.