First 120t Mantis tele in NZ

3 October 2019

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Tadano has delivered the first GTC-1200 into New Zealand to Fulton Hogan, a civil construction company servicing Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific since 1933.

The 120t telescopic crawler will be placed on a Fulton Hogan/Taylors Joint Venture, the Waimea Community Dam project. The NZD105.9m project is aimed at resolving summer water shortages for the Nelson District and Waimea Plains.

Matthew Loach, structures manager, Waimea Community Dam, said,  “We looked at the 120 lattice boom and 110 tonne all terrain cranes initially. We decided an all-terrain crane would be suitable but not in all conditions. The lattice boom would be great for static applications but very limited when moving on such a steep site.

“The Mantis covered the mobility of the all terrain cranes we looked at but with the addition of the readiness and lifting  [capacity] of a tracked crawler. The project site is very steep, quite spread out and prone to flooding, so mobility and reach were key. The Mantis covered that. “

Another reason behind the purchase was the machine’s telematics. The project is in a remote location, so Tadano’s Hello-net system will be a useful tool to monitor the crane and provide remote assistance at all times.

Tadano Mantis sales manager James Land accompanied the delivery with Allcrane Sales and Service, Tadano’s New Zealand agent. Fulton Hogan said: “His experience as a Mantis technician and product knowledge provided invaluable training for their technicians and operators.”