The Japanese manufacturer said that Sayed Kadhem Al Durazi & Sons had been persuaded to add the unit to its 18 crane fleet due to its lifting capacities on the main boom of the ATF 400G-6. This was also the reason why the company avoided buying the Tadano Power System.

The ATF 400G-6 also features a ZF-TC-Tronic HD (Heavy Duty) gearbox designed for 3,500 Nm, and is designed for the carrier engine with its 3,000 Nm. Tadano said that this prevented the failure of the gearbox due to overload and ensured a longer lifespan. The integrated torque converter allowed the gearbox of the ATF 400G-6 to unfurl its full power at a very low speed. As a result an ATF 400G-6 can be driven onto the construction site with a counterweight of up to 118t.

Thomas Schramm, Tadano Faun’s general manager said: "This delivery to the Middle East, a region which can have extremely high temperatures and high air humidity, is further proof that our cranes have earned themselves a superb reputation in terms of robustness and reliability over the course of recent years. In addition to the traditional crane buyers we are now seeing more and more new customers viewing us as a genuine alternative, due to the Tadano robustness and simplicity providing a superb level of reliability and ease in maintenance and repair.