Flat tops at constricted jobsite

18 May 2021

Two Raimondi flat top tower cranes, an MRT189 and an MRT102, are being used for the construction of the Torre Milano residential development in Milan, Italy.

Located between the neighbourhoods of Maggiolina and Isola, the 24-floor Torre Milano will have 105 apartments, green areas and a swimming pool.

After several evaluations of the jobsite’s location and project specifications, Raimondi’s local agent Assistedile and its client, construction company Nessi & Majocchi, opted for these two cranes.

“We rented the Raimondi MRT189 due to its high performances in terms of productivity, large load capacity, and fast assembly, while the MRT102 was chosen as the support machine in the supply of materials,” said Luciano Friso, CEO at Assistedile.

For the first stage of the project, the 10t MRT189 with a hoist of 45kW, was installed with a jib length of 60m at a freestanding height of 65m. The crane has been subsequently elevated and anchored to reach the final height of 102m.

The MRT102 was initially onsite with a jib length of 30m at a height of 48m, and has been anchored at the 16th floor, raised to a final height of 92m.

“The project presented a specific logistics challenge due to tight location and the lack of space. In fact, the entire surrounding area had been excavated for 8m, and the crane assemblies required the use of public zones. To accelerate the raising procedures of the two cranes and meet the project timeline we utilised a 350t mobile crane,” Friso explained.

The MRT102 is scheduled to be dismantled at the end of the year, while the MRT189 will remain at work until the completion of the project, expected in Spring of 2022.