Ponticelli Dmes of France has taken delivery of the first EZ Lifter 804, a new 725t capacity electrohydraulic jacking gantry from Riggers Manufacturing of Wisconsin, USA.

Ponticelli Dmes, itself a manufacturer of special hydraulic machines and electric vehicles in France, will supply the new gantry to the Halle Tony Garnier events arena, where it will be used for reconfiguring seating arrangements to enable the stadium to host different types of events. Ponticelli Dmes previously provided equipment for the Stade de France in 1996, which hosted football’s 1998 World Cup final.

The EZ Lifter 804 has a maximum lift height of 12.2m (40ft) and incorporates all the features of smaller Riggers models. Riggers claims that the gantry is “the safest piece of lifting equipment on the market” for lifts of 750t, or when the lifting height is 12.2m.

Four cylinders per leg, with load-holding valves on each cylinder, means four times the safety of single cylinder gantries, the manufacturer says. An automatic levelling system and track alarms warn when the beam is not level. Self-propelled wheels allow for continuous gantry travel without having to reposition the hydraulic rams.