Geda hoists in Norway

6 May 2022

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Three Multilift P18 hoists are being used for residential construction work in Oslo.

Norwegian construction company BundeByggis, in conjunction with partners BundeEiendom and Lund + Slaatto Arkitekter, is utilising three Geda Multilift P18 hoists on a high-profile residential construction project, Malerhaugveien 20, in Oslo, Norway. The hoists are being used to lift heavy materials, people and tools on the jobsite and have been supplied by equipment rental company Cramo Group.

Two of the hoists being used are the latest generation of Multilift P18. These redesigned hoists are easier to maintain and service, said Geda. They have also had the assembly guard recessed thus enabling large and bulky goods to be stowed. Maintenance and servicing has also been improved with easy access to all wear parts, the safety gears, drives, the shaft encoder and the lubrication device. 

According to Geda, its Multilift hoists offer a number of advantages including a pre-installed base unit, consisting of car, enclosure, cable bin, and drive, which is delivered as one unit and can be transported via HGV. Geda also said its Multilift hoists only take up a few square metres of floor space and so are suitable for sites with limited space. Additional foundations are not required either.

Two of the hoists are equipped with Geda’s Premium package, which means it is possible to remotely check their status. A homing function enables the hoists to travel to the ground station automatically at a set wind speed or time. The Premium package also includes a safety control that determines the correct landing level position. Additional landing levels can be added or removed.

The Premium package hoists also include an LC100 rotary switch, as opposed to a numerical keypad, for greater control.

Two different platform lengths – 3.2 m and 3.7 m – are available, with the 3.2 m version -with a load capacity of 2,200 kg - being used at the Oslo site. The erection height varies at the Malerhaugveien 20 site and is between 12 m and 28 m.

A new, larger assembly plank, for ease of installation, also comes with the Premium package.

In order to reduce wear on the gear rack and pinion the Geda Multilift P18 is equipped with an automatic lubrication device. The lubrication pump, which is included as standard, is compatible with Geda’s Power Grease lines. 

Depending on the construction site conditions or customer requirements, power consumption can be influenced by reducing the load and/or speed so that a 32 A connection will be sufficient instead of the standard 63 A connection. This opens up a broader range of applications for the hoist, the company claims. Now, only one large car switch box is used at an ergonomic working height, instead of the previous two. 

The hoists also come with between four and nine galvanised Comfort landing level safety gates located at the hoist’s stop positions to ensure safe transfer between the car and the landing levels. These gates can open to the left or to the right depending on the site conditions.

The hoists will remain on site until the project’s scheduled completion in late 2022.