Krandienst Lange’s 300t capacity AC 300/6 is equipped with a 19m main boom extension, a 3m runner, a 72m luffing fly jib, a superlift system and 116.7t of counterweight.

The all terrain is being used in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the northern part of Brandenburg, and the eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein. One of its main jobs is the restoration of old wind turbines.

AC 300/6

The Terex AC 300/6 is handed over to Krandienst Lange

“The components that we need to lift for our customers in the agricultural, industrial and electrical power industries keep getting heavier and heavier,” said Torsten Lange, owner of Krandienst Lange. “That’s why the AC 300/6 was the next logical step in expanding our crane fleet with higher capacity cranes. We decided on this particular crane due to its flexibility. The fact that we can use it for a large variety of applications means that we will easily be able to ensure that it is used to its full basic capacity: in fact, it can cover work done by cranes with lifting capacities from 160t all the way to 300–400t.”

Terex said the AC 300/6 is the most powerful mobile crane in its category on the market, and is optimised for a wide working range. Ease of transportation was a key factor in the design of the AC 300/6, Terex said, with the superlift system, a 20m telescopic folding jib, a three-sheave hook block and a second hoisting gear transportable within a width of 3m and a height of 4m during road travel. Additional attachments can be transported on conventional trucks within a width of 2.55m, Terex said.

“The attachments, which are optimised for travel, are also perfect for us,” said crane operator Guido Siegmeier. “We often have to travel long distances between sites in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and these attachments will save us quite a few truck trips.”