The crane had been working for SaskPower, installing electrical transformers in the town of Regina. The crane toppled over backwards, and its boom fell through the roof of a home, where owner Lawrence Hung was eating dinner with his family. Fortunately, noone was injured in the accident.

Gerald Giesbrecht, president of Giesbrecht Cranes, said, “We’ve determined that the crane was functioning properly and we’re working with all of the parties involved to pinpoint what transpired.”

He continued, “We’ve been around for 35 years and have had an impeccable safety record up until this point. Our company is doing everything it can to make sure an incident like this never happens again and we’re extremely thankful that there were no injuries. What has happened is extremely upsetting to all of those involved. For Giesbrecht Cranes our most valuable asset is our reputation.”

The company said that all of its cranes are up-to-date, certified, and fitted with all safety devices.

The accident has sparked debate about the layout of residential streets in the region. The Regina Leader Post reports that the crane needed to be used because tight access in residential cul-de-sacs meant that lighter equipment could not fit into the space available. The paper quotes SaskPower spokesman Larry Christie as saying, “Urban designers have constructed these neighbourhoods so we do not have the room to operate.” The company is currently looking into its repairs procedure.