UK lifting industry organisation LEEA, plus supporting organisations – including lifting industry PR agency Bridger Howes, have established an annual Global Lifting Awareness Day (#GLAD2023). One of the aims of this awareness day is to promote increased safety, industry standards, and best practice. It also aims to raise the industry’s profile and attract new talent. 

The first Global Lifting Awareness Day took place in 2020 and it has been growing in momentum ever since. This year GLAD will take place on July 13th, 2023.  

As part of its remit relating to safety GLAD2023 is specifically looking to ensure that end users make well-informed purchasing decisions by fully understanding their legal obligations. It also looks to raise the industry’s profile with stakeholders and legislators who, LEEA says, could otherwise forget about the importance of lifting and working at height.

A primary way in which GLAD is looking to raise awareness is through social media. The awareness day provides an opportunity for anyone with an interest in lifting and working at height to contribute and share material which promotes safe and high-quality load lifting by using the hashtag #GLAD2023 on their own social media platforms. The campaign starts now and culminates on July 13th with a host of digital content.

Past GLAD content and videos can be found by searching the hashtags #GLAD2022, #GLAD2021 and #GLAD2020. 

Utilising social media also provides a way in which the impact of the campaign can be gauged. “Participation is key,” says Richard Howes, director at Bridger Howes. “Such days are only impactful when they engage an audience and present a case so strong that a community becomes ambassadors and wants to align activity and content to that cause. They’re proud to support the initiative and excited to share words, pictures and videos about how they’re doing — before, during and after the designated day.” 

More about #GLAD2023 can be found at: