Goldhofer STHP-XLE

The Goldhofer STHP-XLE low-loader features a special extending platform for excavators

Nooteboom's Pendle-X Euro low loader

Nooteboom’s Pendle-X Euro low loader

Goldhofer’s STHP/XLE trailer has a new extendible excavator deck that is up to 950mm wide. The new vehicle type is available in a 2-axle to 8-axle version, including one-axle, two-axle or three-axle platform bogies at the front. The compact two-axle and three-axle rear bogies have a vehicle width of 2,550 or 2,750 mm, whereas the four-axle and five-axle bogies measure 2,750, 2,850 or 3,000 mm in width.

The compact gooseneck has a new 2-circuit steering system making this vehicle extremely manoeuvrable and providing extra security. The trailer also features vertical compensation of plus/minus 300mm.

The Nooteboom Pendel-X Euro low-loader can offer up to 16.5t/axle maximum payload, the company says. The low loader has a 550mm deep excavator trough between 500 to 800 mm. The height of the axle bogie of the Pendel-X Euro low-loader can be adjusted from 960 mm to 1360 mm. The trailer comes in widths of 2,540mm, 2,740 mm and 2,840mm. The four-axle and five-axle Pendel-X Euro low-loaders are available in widths from 2,740 mm.

The Pendel-X low-loader is currently available with two to five axle lines. If extra payload capacity is needed, the low loaders can be coupled to a standard one- or two-axle Jeep dolly or a two or three-axle Interdolly.