Effective 1 June, Translift is responsible for sales and customer support, including after sales service and the supply of spare parts for the entire Gottwald product range. John Wellington, managing director of Translift, will handle all Gottwald related activities. Translift will work in cooperation with Gottwald’s headquarters and the Gottwald Singapore office.

Translift started out as Electruck Pacific, manufacturing RTGs and other port cranes. The company is now concentrating on crane services and repairs, port equipment modifications and upgrades, and manufacturing components for offshore platforms and the marine industry.

“To work with a crane manufacturer is part of our growth strategy to cover the entire Philippines providing port equipment and services,” said John Wellington. “Our technical staff has many years experience in crane design and manufacture, which we feel are beneficial to our representation for Gottwald.”

Klaus Roehrig, Gottwald’s regional director based in its Singapore office, said: “The new presence in the Philippines will significantly improve our local customer contact and service.

“With its experience and profile, Translift is well positioned to advance Gottwald’s business in an important market that still offers great potential for our products.”