The Generation 5 G HPK 6400 B, the fourth floating crane to be ordered by Associated Terminals from Gottwald, will be used for cargo handling and transhipping duties on the Mississippi River. The crane is a variant on Gottwald’s Model 6 and is built using its mobile harbour crane technology.

It will be delivered as a four-rope grab crane with a grab capacity of 50t on the ropes up to a radius of 31m. Depending on the terminal and operating conditions, it can handle up to 1,000tph. The crane is scheduled to start commercial handling in February 2010.

A G HPK 6400 B operating in New Orleans

Associated Terminals ordered a similar crane in August, and said the decision to invest further came as it looks at “exceeding our customers’ expectations”.

“We are absolutely convinced that Gottwald’s Generation 5 cranes provide exceptional technology and that this in turn will provide us with the competitive edge in our cargo handling business,” said Gary Poirrier, senior vice president at Associated Terminals.