A LONG boom, or ‘L’ version of Grove’s 220t (250 US ton) capacity, six-axle GMK 6220 is being made available with a 72m boom from next month.

It will be designated GMK 6220-L (GMK 6250-L in North America).

The new six-section full-power boom extends from 15.5m to 72m (51ft to 236ft), providing a maximum tip height of 75m (246ft) – an increase of 12m (39ft) over the standard model. It can lift more than 11t at maximum height.

The GMK 6220-L features Grove’s Megaform U-section boom and Twin-Lock single-cylinder boom extension and locking system, and the ECOS (Electronic Crane Operating System) and EKS4 electronic load-monitoring system that are familiar on other GMK cranes.

An 11m to 18m (43ft to 72ft) hydraulic power-luffing, bi-fold swingaway extension, hydraulically off-settable between 5º and 40º, is offered as an option. There is an additional 8m (26ft lattice extension for a total possible extension length of 30m (98ft) and a maximum possible tip height of 102m (335ft).

The GMK 6220 features the upper of the GMK 5200 (which was initially launched as the 5180 and then upgraded) on the six-axle carrier of the GMK 6300 (which itself was an upgrade from the 1997 model GMK 6250). This carrier has a 12x8x12 drive/steer configuration and the Megatrak independent hydro-pneumatic suspension system. It is powered by the 525hp (390kW) Cummins N14-525E engine, driving through a five-speed Allison CLT 755 fully-automatic transmission, and two-speed transfer case. The superstructure engine is the 165hp (123kW) Cummins six-cylinder 6BTA5.9-C.