The item to procure is a Material Handling Cranes, Grove Part Number 1195010002 for Green CARC Painted and 1195010000 for Tan CARC Painted cranes. Cranes shall be in accordance with RIA drawing RIA 149457 Crane, RIA 149961 Screw (Hex HD, 1.375-6UNC-2A, 13.12 +/- .12 Long, 4.0 thread length, Grade 8) and RIA 148975 Nut (Hex, jam 1.375-6UNC-2B, Grade 8), RIA 149254 Nut (Hex, self locking, 1.375-6UNC-2B, Grade 8). This contract will be a 3-year IDIQ contract. Estimated maximum quantity is 1350 each.

Solicitation Number:



Gail Bindewald, tel 309-782-3656 Joint Manufacturing & Technology Center

Joint Manufacturing & Technology Center, Rodman Avenue Bldg 210, 1 Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL 61299-5000