The E-70 wind turbine stands 113m tall and has a 71m rotor. Components for the wind turbine included a 45t nacelle, a 54t tower and 42t blades. It has been erected on a private site in Reinsbuttel, Germany.

Grove GMK7450

The Grove GMK7450, which belongs to German rental company Bäumer, worked with a 40m main boom and 31m luffing jib. The mega-wing-lift attachment gives the Grove GMK7450 greater strength in the boom, making it able to lift bigger loads, especially when the boom is working at steep angles. Manitowoc said this makes the attachment particularly useful in applications such as erecting wind turbines or lifting onto tall buildings in congested downtown locations.

“Lifting with the mega-wing-lift really improves stability,” said Harry Müller, operator for Bäumer on the project. “From the cab you notice the increased strength at tall heights and it’s a perfect innovation for jobs such as windmill placement.”