MDC Equipment Solutions (MEQ), the equipment supply subsidiary of MDC, added the four RT530E-2 rough-terrain cranes, the two TMS700E truck cranes and the GMK5220 all-terrain crane to its fleet in recent months.

The RT530E-2 and the TMS700E cranes are used at the MDC precast plant in San Felix, Laguna, to handle concrete sections.

Jose Magajes, head of operations at MEQ, said conditions at the company’s precast yard made the RT530E-2 a natural choice.

“When it rains our yard becomes muddy, so I prefer to use rough-terrain cranes for the lifting work,” he said. “We have mostly deployed our RT530E-2 cranes at the staging areas of the plants, where we use them to handle rebar and formwork, as well as finished precast sections,” said Magajes. 

When not required for this, they are used on job sites for a variety of construction work. The RT530E-2 cranes are also used to support the GMK5220 in its primary function: assembling tower cranes.