The Estonian port of Tallin has procured a balance crane from Kranservice Rheinberg.

The crane, which has a reach of 25m and a load capacity of 6t in all jib positions, is mounted on a crawler chassis, enabling it to be used all over the harbour area.

It is to be used for loading and unloading ships up to a size of 5,000t. The main material to be handled is processed scrap which is shipped from Tallin.

The manufacturer, which is a Mannesman Dematic company since 1996, said that the port chose a balance crane over conventional wire rope cranes or front loaders because its handling capacity is approximately 30% higher.

The balance crane is fully hydraulic and and is characterised by its patented automatic counterweight displacement arrangement which moves in relation to the jib position. The deadweight of the entire jib is almost always balanced.

Various load handling attachments can be fitted using a quick-change device.