Hanson Aggregates is taking delivery of a Sennebogen 680HD, an 80t-rated grabbing crane.

The machine will be used in London, UK at Hanson’s deep water wharf at Victoria Deep, Greenwich on the river Thames, discharging a variety of bulk cargo. This is the largest deep water wharf on the river and is a new venture for Hanson.

‘We used to bring a lot of material through the Medway ports, but this wharf will allow us to bring in ships with capacities of up to 15,000t,’ said Colin Atkinson, London manager for Hanson Aggregates.

The 680HD was unveiled at Bauma earlier this year, but this is the first unit in this configuration as all Sennebogen cranes are custom-built to end-user requirements. This machine has 160kN winches, a 200kW Deutz engine, a 28.9m boom and a clamshell bucket with capacities from 3.5m3 to 8m3.

It also has an hydraulically elevating, high level cab that can be raised from 2.5m to a height of 8m to give the operator a view into the hold of vessels being unloaded, and clear of any dust that some cargo might generate. The sale was through EH Hassell, Sennebogen’s UK distributor.